Duke's Nose Trail 1/1 by Tripoto
Abhijeet Sarap
After completing the morning rituals, we straight away headed for the cause which we were here for i.e. Duke's Nose Point. Duke's Nose, after Duke Wellington, previously known as Nag-Phani -- a pointed cliff belongs to Khandala besides Lonavala. To get there at the Duke's Nose, it's mandatory to go through an exhilarating trek. I got this from a far away, just a few minutes after we start walking, rather hiking. It was a quite distance to be covered from the scrubland, which wasn't even to walk on before the real action begins. He, Angad - once he started, never looked back, not even for a photo. :P Well I guess that was the enthusiasm of a first trek; keep walking buddy. Posing! Well well, that's an irony, of what I just said. Bro, what are you up to? :D And this was our first mind boggling halt, the Dutches Point. What a scenic view we were rewarded! It was just a start of scenic views. The entire ranges of Sahyadri were waiting on the other side. The very first halt also meant we had to gear up for the real action. The instructor, Vaibhav (Techie & quite a gentleman) gave every possible information he could also, he shared his past experiences about the same trek & the rappelling & cliff walking to witness the Duke's Nose. Beauty! This is what we were waiting for! Alike a Snake's pointed head section (hood) &, therefore, the name Nag-Phani. Since the cliff seems to be the shape of the Duke & hence the name Duke's Nose. After looking at it, I thought - What was that? Maybe a meteorite. :P After getting instructed by the guide, folks started marching towards the Duke's Nose. They learnt that some thrill is just around the corner. In the meantime, we were finding the ways to create memories with the aid of cameras. Sometimes I feel, Camera is the most beautiful entity scientists have ever discovered; And there you go! We reached our most difficult task of the day. To be frank, initially, we were like, Oh my god, you gotta to be kidding me! If we want to find ourselves on the other side, then we have to climb this rock, which was perpendicular to the base. Some guys & I felt a doubt, Is this a beginners' trek or professional beginners' trek? Anyway, we had to surpass it & so we did it whilst questioning ourselves about the next endangered rock climbing! Can we?