Bangaram Island Resort 1/undefined by Tripoto
December to April
Undertake wind surfing, catamaran sailing, riding, scuba diving, sea kayaks.
10,000/-- 20,000/- for 2 days.

Bangaram Island Resort

Mostly deserted, Bangaram is an island for the exploration enthusiasts. There is no better location for a vacation with the view of the crystal clear reefs and white sands. Occasional humming of the birds will soothe you beyond words. With crabs scurrying all around the beach, you can expect fishes in the water as well. Indeed, Bangaram Island is high on picturesque beauty and known for its colourful boats and sky-high coconut trees. Filled with natural scenery, the island is home to fauna of all sorts from Asian dolphins to frogfish, octopuses to turtles and even eels. Tropical fishes like clown fish and snappers will catch you by surprise every now and then.You can choose this spot among the best places to visit in Lakshadweep to relax and unwind, with no one to poke you around.