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Langkawi Island Langkawi Kedah Malaysia

Devraj Jee
We had to attend a week-long training in Kuala Lumpur and thus decided to utilize both weekends effectively. Malaysia would never have been top of my mind as a travel destination but I was in for a nice surprise. So first day, landing in Kuala Lumpur,we took a late morning flight to Langkawi. The descent is beautiful as you see the sandy tropical islands from up above surrounded by blinding blue sea. After landing we took a cab to our AirBnB which was some ways away from the main beach but had a nice view of the bay. Our first area of visit was of course the world-famous Langkawi Sky Bridge. With my fear of heights I was super tentative about going up all the way in that steep cable car, and while the journey was nerve-wracking, nothing could beat the mind-blowing view from the observation decks and the sky bridge. Surrounded on all sides by green heavily forested hills, endless seas and tiny sandy islands, we spent a substantial amount of time there before heading back and going to Pantai Cenang beach, where we sat at a nice bar on bean bags drinking into the night.
Devraj Jee
The next morning we headed back to Pantai Cenang for a seafood lunch where we had seen the PM of Malaysia hosting a dinner the night before. The food was expectedly amazing, and once we were done, we headed to the beach where some people decided to go for water sports. Meanwhile, I spent the afternoon drinking beer and taking dips in the ocean. We headed out late afternoon to catch our flights for KL.
With perhaps the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia and fantastic flora and fauna, Langkawi island is the ideal escape. The sun shines bright, the palm trees sway in all their glory while the white sands and turquoise waters caress your feet. You then have this epiphany that you're in a utopia of sorts and your reverie is broken only when you bid adieu to the island. That is Langkawi in a nutshell.
Sneha Reddy
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Ruchika Makhija
Wonderful night life,great food.Spending time in Eagle square was sublime. Its a duty free island with shopping galore.