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Bus Station Ljubljana

A comprehensive guide on visiting the top cities and islands on the alluring Adriatic Sea.Croatia is an absolutely delightful country, known for its pebble beaches, mountainous coastlines creating an opportunity for sublime views of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, total breathtaking landscapes, intricate architecture and historic sites. This country is a treat as it has so many things to offer to the tons of tourists that set foot in this country. Regardless if you looking for an adrenaline pumping activity, a romantic getaway, in search of an offbeat beach or perhaps a place to spend some quality family time Croatia would not disappoint, I can promise you that. You’d easily find incredible architecture, national parks, stunning beaches and of course delicious food in this country. Not just incredibly picturesque but also extremely clean! Croatia is super clean, you can literally roll on the floor and your clothes would not get dirty, especially the Dalmatian region. I was set to hop across the various islands of the Dalmatian region on ferries, scooter around within the islands, hike the highest peak of the Adriatic, swim in crystal clear water and explore the various historic old towns.