Jharkhali 1/1 by Tripoto


Gautam Lahiri
A big surprise awaited for us at Jharkhali. The government authorities have set up a recuperation unit to nurse injured animals. Guess what we saw there. We were lucky to see a full bodied male royal Bengal Tiger in captivity which was caught and was being treated of wounds he got when hundreds of villagers chased it and tried to kill; however, got rescued by the wild life officials. This tiger is known to have attacked, killed and eaten about twelve humans, which included four women, two children and adult males. I guess, it is our mistake that we are foraying into the tiger territory and trying to change the nature rules.Even through the thick metal bars, and the wire mesh, when we looked at the roaming tiger, the hair rose at the nape of our neck. What a graceful killing machine, built for the kill.