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Ganapatipule Beach

One of the most spectacular beaches on the Konkan coastline, it is also a favorite pilgrimage spot for tourists. Apart from the clean and beautiful beach. The golden sandly beach is a place where people come to escape from the hustle- bustle of the cities, apart from the golden sands the rich flora including coconut palms and mangroves make a pretty picture as well. You can also enjoy one of the many nature trails which start from the beach.
Sneha Reddy
2016 had its amazing start with Lord Ganesha's blessings. The 'Swambhu' Ganpati temple is the most prominent temple in Ganpatipule frequently visited by devotees. It is known for its unique Ganpati idol which opens up to the beautiful beach (a little crowded too). Commutation is pretty tough. We took a train from Mumbai to Ratnagiri, reached there by 7.30 p.m. There were a lot of autos outside the station and we took an auto to the Bus stop which is around 20 minutes far. ( Would cost 100Rs per auto or 30Rs per person if sharing). Once we reached the bus stop, we immediately found an ST Bus that goes through Aare Ware to Ganpatipule (Less time taken compared to the other routes). We reached Ganapatipule by 8.30. Immediately checked into Bhakti Niwas in a dormitory for 50Rs a day. When my friend had told me about this place, I thought it would be a little shady but I was surprised to see the way it was maintained, totally commendable. Though for people who have issues with shared bathrooms, it's going to pose a problem. Otherwise there are a lot of families who are on their spiritual quest. And it's pretty safe. They would need your ID proof for check-in, which is necessary. Then we headed out for dinner. Being a chicken lover, I didn't really look forward for some amazing sea food. But it was quite good. Oh I almost forgot to mention, it's going to be a nice little trek back to the dorm since it's situated pretty much far from the beach. A sky full of stars and favorite people beside you, things just get better every second. Mumbai has a dearth of stars and here there are plenty. Meanwhile, we've downloaded one app that would tell us what constellation it is if we focus on that star. Somehow that whole app worked in a weird manner.
Paras Mohamed
BEACH PLEASE! Ganapatipule-Malgund.21-03-201617:02If you are the kind of a person who sits in a rolling chair with a computer in front of you for 5 days a week, typing a piece of code, running the rat race just like every other person beside you is doing and all you think about when you are in this situation is an escape from reality, there it is. Ganapatipule and its sister beaches. For people who are from Mumbai or Pune, this is one of the best weekend escapes! Roughly 350 kms away from Pune, this is your chance to have a good combination of a road trip and your chance to witness one of the most serene beaches in the country. 
Bharat Galagali
 Next day went to Ratnagiri Fort and Ganapatipule temple and beach. Had my breakfast and checked out for the Party Capital around 12 noon. The amazing road and scenic route took a lot of time for me to reach Goa. As expected there was a lot of traffic and the small roads took time for me to reach my uncle’s place. On 31st went for local sightseeing. Started from a temple called Shantadurga and Mangeshi. And then the churches in Old Goa. Had my lunch in Panaji. In the evening went to Baga and Vagator beach to join the huge crowd for New Year Celebration.  The first day of the new year - 1st Jan 2015, went to Vasco-da-gama and then went to Calangute beach to meet my friend. It was time to head back to Bangalore. Left Margoa at 5 pm and rode till 9pm and found a room on the highway to spend sleepless nights yet again. On 2nd Jan, checked out at around 7 am continuing on another superb road from Yellapur to Bankapur. The road goes in thick forest and was very empty. I hardly found anyone using that road. But the 70 kms stretch was superb to ride. Reached the Highway and was waiting to reach home eagerly. On the way back home saw many fellow riders. I had only one traffic signal to deal with. Reached home by 4pm and was very relieved that I made it a safe journey. It was now time for bike service and got into an argument with mechanic. He thought the long ride will be around 200 kms, but little did he know that I rode 2637 kms in 9 days on my Bajaj Pulsar 220f. Poor him! I was very happy in the end with the bike which gave an average mileage of around 45, whoa! more than what I expected. As I finish writing this, I have already started planning for my next Bike trip hopefully with some of my friends.
Zinnia Sengupta
Ganapatipule Beach, Maharashtra A local favourite, the untouched beauty of the rocky beaches of Ganapatipule is quite rare in the commercialized chaos of today. Hop into a car and make your charming way to this tiny beach-town with a crew of your closest allies. Delve into the rich local history within the sands. A beach experience sans the noisy tourists and the ever-present litter could be the just the thing you need. So call a squad meeting, pick your favourites from the list and hit the road! Time, tide and wanderlust wait for no one. (Image Source:
Prajakta Moray
We took an early morning train from Thane to Ratnagiri. We reached Ratnagiri around afternoon and took a ride to Ganapatipule where we were staying. Ganapatipule is famous for its Ganapati Temple & white sand beach. Since we were here only for a day we decided to explore the city on the same day.
Ganpatipule is small town located in Ratnagiri district on the kokan coast of Maharashtra...... I had started form Pune.... and its almost 325 km .... It is a very small town but having one of the most spectacular beaches along the Konkan Coast. The temple of Swayambhu Ganesh is much frequented by thousands every year. The God is considered to be the Paschim Dwardevta and those who visit Ganapatipule make it a point to pay their respects to this deity. In addition to its clean beach and clear waters, Ganapatipule is rich in flora, including mangroves and coconut palms.In winter season is the most pleasant but we had been there in summer i.e. end of may.... but still it was awesome weather with high temp near about 30 degree.We booked one of the local hotel for two nights for nominal charges... and spent whole 1st day at beach side and next day we went to Rajgad fort.....Rajgad fort is 35 km from Ganpatipule....whole trip was very awesome... Enjoyed a lot...... :)
I reached Ratnagiri and after resting for a while set of to the beach. Wandering and feeling the fresh sea air. I had 3 days to spend here and around. Next morning looking at my Google guru I decide to drive towards Ganpatipule. A small town about 2 hours from Ratnagiri. What I had in store was unexpected! I had the most picturesque drive ever in my life. With the grey clouds moving around rapidly …raindrops on my windows I was cruising along as I was in heaven. The roads long and winding were endless. I traveled to the interiors of Ganpatipule and of course the gorgeous Ganpati temple by the sea side.
Neha Inaskar
At Ganpatipule, first we had a lunch at Malvan Katta. Since I am a vegetarian, I can assure you that it was one of the best homemade veg thali I ever had. Simple, not oily, not much spicy. And the best thing was solekadi. It was amazing. Must to visit sort of place.Then we headed for a mandir. It is wonderful temple crowded though, commercialized place. The scorching sun had withered us totally. And the savior was the tempting ice gola. In the hot sunny day, we moved from Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri. There we tasted the Haapus aamba. It was yum. After a long bargain we could able to get it. The day ended with a stay at Kankavali. The drivers were tired, so no option to go further.
Vaishali Sharma
Beautiful Beaches and Delicious food
Sneha Reddy
Ruchika Makhija
An idyllic beach that depicts culture, beauty and a rich heritage.