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Riad Joya

Nikki Pitts
A trip to the splendid city of Marrakech calls for a stay at the fabulous Riad Joya. Traditionally Riad is a Moroccan home, yet in recent times has been known for the lavish boutique hotels sprouting in this desert retreat. As simple and plain as the exteriors may look, the interiors are more ornate than you can imagine. For the magic unfolds in the beautiful tiles, the grandiose mosaics, and the picturesque romance of the fountains along with the plush fall of the fabrics! And every part of it, be it the Courtyard, the Dar Arabe luxury suite, the Tuareg suite, the Naos suite, the Domus suite or even the Hammam and spa, speak aloud of the reeking opulence of the Riad Joya. A true retreat of tranquil peace, this boutique hotel is ideal for a dreamy Arabian night after exhausting yourself exploring the chaotic Medina.