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Mawlynnong Nongrai Homestay

Kritharth Pendyala
(Mawlynnong-Asia's Cleanest Village):The bike reached me at 10am in the morning and it was about 80% fit for the journey. And then this beauty never gave in to any of the tough circumstances or roads that it faced throughout the entire trip. Mawlynnong is 40 km further ahead of a place called Pynursla. The total distance to Mawlynnong from Shillong is 90km. Enjoying the ride and soaking in the atmosphere took me 3hrs to reach Mawlynnong, a beautiful village nestled in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. Some heavy fog enroute ensured that I could become a seasoned rider for life!!! I checked into the room in a homestay that I had booked through Airbnb. This was a house belonging to Ms. Nangroi. Meghalaya is a female empowered state and hence it is the ladies who run the house and look after everything. This place was the most basic house. Just like a typical village house made of bamboo logs entirely, even the wash area and the washrooms. The outlets were merely gaps through the bamboo logs stitched together. It was a divine experience staying at her homestay. I left to visit the nearby places which are very less explored by the tourists that come here. Living root bridges are exclusive only to Meghalaya and they are a wonder of all sorts. Riwai living root bridge was in the adjoining village of Riwai. The roots of a peculiar rubber tree are wound and made to grow in such a manner by the village locals here that they interlock with each other over a period of time and then stones are laid over to create a path to cross the underlying stream or river. They are mainly created to have access to villages on the other side of the river, which otherwise would not have been easily accessible owing to the river currents. This living root bridge is said to be the widest and the age is said to be a hundred and fifty years, atleast. This is one of the most commercial one in Meghalaya owing to its easy access. The other ones demand a consuming trek of atleast 2 hours. Then I visited the Nohwat point in the Nohwat village. This spot is completely untouched. The view is of a valley with a river flowing underneath the windings of the mountains and the surrounding hills have atleast 15 waterfalls visible to the naked eye. It took me around a minute, just to believe that this place was indeed real. Then I left for a trek to the Shilling Jhashar root bridge. The base point is close to Mawlynnong village. An interesting trek along the forests for an hour and a half took me to the Shilling Jhashar living root bridge. The base of the bridge here is made of bamboo sticks but the support cables are again the roots of a different type of rubber tree. The water below was crystal blue and so clear that everything underneath was visible. I got back to the base village and walked down to Mawlynnong. I went to the room and freshened up. The locals here keep sipping on red tea like water. Ms. Nangroi made the tea in the evening and I was wanting to spend time with the family. I sat there in the common area of the house which also has a cooking area. Chatting and conversing with my hosts gave me immense pleasure. The couple had three small kids with whom I was reminded of my childhood days. I had a simple and a humble meal at one of the local eateries and went off to sleep.