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Marriott Hotel

Dhawal Pagay
The Journey Begins.Our accomodation for the upcoming set of days was at a hotel located in the heart of the city, its location serving to my need of constant inquisition and urges to explore. Amidst the various high rise buildings in the city’s skyline, there is none more prominent than that of the ‘Eureka Skydeck’, which sports a rooftop restaurant which unfortunately I could not visit. The local Aussies identify their directions via their positions relative to the building and hence it has assumed a very critical role in shaping the city’s culture.By no means did the city lack of engineering marvels, with the ‘Westgate Bridge’, the third longest bridge in Australia, spanning across the banks of the River Yarra, who’s name itself has a story which has Aboriginal roots. ‘Yarra-Yarra’ in the Aboriginal dialect roughly translates to ‘flowing water or waterfall’, which was what the tribe uttered when they discovered the river. Ever since, the name has been River Yarra, honouring the rich history that the city possessed.