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Cenote Xlacah

Cenote X'keken as decided and drove us to the Chichen itza while picking some the others on the way. The good this was this tour was limited to just 9 of us. The main pyramid at Chichen itza is pretty big, and depending on the time of the day, it can get upwards of 40'C in the middle of the ruins. So I'd suggest reaching there as early as you can. The site has a variety of ruins of different architectural style as it was apparently the most diverse of all the Maya cities. There is also a big cenote near the ruins. The tours at the ruins lasted about 3 hours and we then headed to Cenote X'keken in Dzitnup, Yucatan to cool off. Some of these cenotes are really impressive and they were worshiped by the Mayans as it was their source of clean water. After the cenote, we headed ov