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Isla Mujeres

After Snorkeling, I relaxed on the yacht sipping a tropical margarita with a good breeze and tip toey music until I reached Isla Mujeres. There are activities like Spinnaker (pic above) on the yacht. Lunch is provided at a stop and a shark re-habitat visit is included in the package as well.After lunch, I got dropped at Isla Mujeres and got few hours to explore by myself. I fell in love with this cute quirky island. The streets are bustling with tourists, souvenirs, artsy displays with coconuts and fancy cocktails to draw crowds into these shops, street arts and golf carts, which are the primary mode of transport for tourists. And most of all, the beaches here are shallow with designated swimming areas making it friendly for beginner swimmers. I had a great time playing and swimming in the clear waters comfortably for a couple of hours. And there are lounging areas with canopy beds and beach chairs we can rent to relax after a tiring swim in the beach.