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St. Basil's Cathedral

Pranavi Chhikniwala
Aditya Rodge
Really good architecture with vibrant colored domes. It also has some good cathedrals nearby it. Feels really good to know about russian cultures, its civilization etc. You will have more detailed information on it in the cathedrals
Josh Cahill
The first thing you'll probably notice after entering the Red Square is the beautifully colored onion domes of the Basil Cathedral, and a magical view of one of the most famous landmarks in Russia. But it's interesting to know that the bright colors were only added 200 years later to its exterior walls. Another funny note is that the former dictator Josef Stalin wasn't really happy about how the location of the church blocked the entrance to the Red Square for his mass demonstrations, so he considered demolishing the cathedral. Luckily, someone made him change his mind.