Torishin Restaurant 1/1 by Tripoto
One restaurant trend that we noticed is the uptick in popularity of restaurants featuring “small plates”. We love this style of eating. It encourages diners to share bites of food which not only allows for more variety of food at a meal, but also lends itself to “family-style” dining. One of our favorite restaurants in NYC is a terrific example of “small plate” dining. Torishin ( is a fabulous, Michelin star awarded restaurant located on the Upper East Side. Torishin is a “yakitori” restaurant. Yakitori means “grilled chicken”. Typically, yakitori consists of bite sized pieces of chicken, giblets, and other types of meats or veggies on bamboo skewers which are then grilled over Binchotan charcoal. This type of charcoal is popular with yakitori chefs as it allows for cooking without smoke to mask the flavor of the food. We’ve been to several different yakitori restaurants in Manhattan and nothing compares to the variety, flavor, and attentive service of Torishin. The sake selection is exceptional and pairs spectacularly well with the meal. If you are not familiar with sake, don’t worry! photo 3Your server will help you select the perfect sake. We enjoy sake but were curious about some unfamiliar choices. Our server gave us samples of several we were considering so that we could make an informed selection. If you want to try yakitori, do not try any other restaurant. We’ve tried several yakitori restaurants in both Manhattan and Boston and nothing compares to the selection, quality, taste, and service of Torishin. Tom loves the unique (or as Lora states it, “weird”) skewers. Lora enjoys the more accessible choices (“regular” chicken and veggies). Torishin is the perfect restaurant for everyone’s taste. You will not be disappointed!