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Deutsches Museum

Kedar Jaidev
The next day, it was to the Deutsches museum (pronounced Doy-shus, or douches, whichever you prefer). It’s a great way to spend the day, make sure you check out the Mining exhibit, it’s an actual massive mine that you walk through for at least half an hour, don’t worry, you won’t get lost, I made it out, phew. There’s everything from future technologies, to aerospace, to biological experiments, and lots of thingamajiggys I couldn’t understand. Quite nice though, I think I learned a lot.
Ryan And Ron
Hopping on another tram, we were headed to the Deutsches Museum. This is advertised as one of the largest and most important collections of technological and natural science items in the world. Yet, on the way, we discovered a quaint looking little bookstore that had all of the sensory appeal of days gone by where you wanted to hang around and browse through the books. With a wall of English books, this was entirely possible for us to do and picked up a couple of titles. Interestingly, these were new books, but they were cheaper than what we normally pay for used books back in Hungary. It is a conundrum as to why.