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June - February
Families, Friends
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Saif-ul-Muluk Lake

Nawab Tanweer Ahmad
Nawab Tanweer Ahmad
Hardly a little up the lake at that place is a grassy land so we decided to spread the sheet that we have taken with us on the grass and sit there. The children took off running and playing with the ball and we were enjoying the breathtaking panorama of the lake and the mountains and talking over the beauty of this place. The pleasant smell and the pollution free environment, make us feel that we are in some other world. The weather is sort of undefinable as the wind is cold and the areas where there are clouds and shade it feels very cold but at the area where the sun is shining it feels too hot. At the place where we were sitting it was shaded in the beginning, but after an hour the sun started shining on us and the weather was turning hot, then after having just about snacks and tea we decided to go and posture at the side of the lake. As we go to the side of the lake the children immediately remove their shoes and jump into the water. The water was cold, but we all were enjoying it very much. The water is too clear and reflection of nearby mountain seen in the lake is amazing, it feels like a huge mirror lying on the ground.