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Sheraton Cable Beach Resort

Jenny McIver
Flying into Nassau over crystal blue waters, I started to think maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Are the Bahamas adventurous? No. A step outside my comfort zone? Certainly not. But, after all, my next stop was Morocco where I was planning to run a marathon so maybe easing into this trip by starting off with a little R&R was not such a bad way to go. My hotel for the 2 nights I was staying in Nassau in the Sheraton Cable Beach. The hotel was actually quite nice. It had recently undergone a complete renovation and looked brand new. My room was excellent with a great view of the white sand beach and sparkling turquoise sea outside. I was relaxing already. There wasn't much to do other than laze around on the beach or go to the casino but, hey, that’s just fine with me.