Playing favorite songs with full sound on JBL Clip hanging on the bag, the bike's acceleration was stopped only after reaching Battar. We felt some relief as the highway for some time to come was nice one. We followed the upward highway from Bidur and went pass the places such as Betrawati and Kalikasthan. There was a security check point after crossing Kalikasthan and the process didn't take much for motorbike. Police officers said that the road condition from there till Dhunche is the craziest one and need to drive very carefully. It was more crazy then told, we realized. Varieties of road condition in various sections, you need to keep all your concentration on the road. After crossing some portion of adventurous road we stopped in Ramche for some rest as extreme section was yet to come; beside the crazy road the view of rivers, forest, terraced fields and mountains (some parts of Ganesh and Langtang Lirung mountain range) were awesome. The narrow and winding single-lane road in the landslide area with few passing zone is real challenge for big vehicles. While looking up from the road it feels like the hanging rocks can get down at any time. Even small rainfall or snowfall was enough to obstruct the road section, stranding the passengers. We were happy that both were not in weather prediction for few days. We crossed that road clinging to the edge of a steep mountain very carefully. During the crossing we passed through local places such as Grang, Thade etc. and reached the Army check point from where Dhunche was just a KM far. Completing the security check we continued the bike ride in much easier track, shortly we reached Dhunche - the headquarter of Rasuwa and now developing as a gateway to China. We were tired as hell after fun mixed adventure, body parts were aching but that didn't change that day's plan. It was 13:00 O'clock and we were still to have lunch.