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Ali's Guest House

Suhas G
I was planning to take a night bus from Istanbul but i got an evening flight for 159 Turkish Lira so decided that it was a better option than travelling 16 hours on a bus . The flight was from Ataturk Airport and i landed in Kayseri where i had pre booked a shared shuttle to my hostel for 25 TL from my hostel Ali's Guest House . I arrived in the hostel and called it a night.Day 4It was Day 1 in Cappadocia . I had planned 2 days in Cappadocia and later travel to Fethiye . But once i reached Cappadocia i was disappointed to learn that the Hot Air ballon was cancelled for the past 2 days and may get cancelled for next 1-2 days due to bad weather . I had booked my hot air ballon ride on Day 2 and was hoping that the weather would be clear so that i can proceed to my next destination as planned .The hostel i stayed was great and got an opportunity to meet with travellers around the world and made new friends.Basically there are 2 popular tours in Cappadocia . Red Tour and Green Tour . This day i had planned to visit as many places in Red Tour on my own and then take the Green Tour the next day which i booked from the hostel.