Hong Kong Global Geopark of China Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region 1/undefined by Tripoto

Hong Kong Global Geopark of China Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region

Archana Singh
DAY 2 – LOST AND FOUND IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AREA OF HONG KONGNocturnals like me shouldn’t dream of morning sojourns. Instead of 6.30 am we left at 9:30 am ???? Our travel was still going OK until we reached Sai Kung Bus Terminus. We were supposed to take the Bus #29R to Sai Wai Ting. Unfortunately the Chinese pronunciation tricked us. We confused the word “Mateno” (or whatever the locals were referring to) with McDonald’s. For two hours we were roaming in the same area making desperate pleas to strangers to guide us to the Bus #29R. Some were handicapped by the language, some were as clueless as us and some simply ignored us. The funny part was, the bus station was right opposite where we were.After two and a half hours of futile legwork in the scorching sun, we decided to forgo our hiking plan in favour of a speed boat island tour. A bus ride that would have costed just 20 HKD was now cutting a deep hole – 150 HKD. But beggars are not choosers. So we had no option but to oblige. However, the boat ride proved to be one of the most thrilling ride of our trip. The sea was doing jumping-jhapang and the waves were fighting with each other to give us free hugs. Everyone in the boat was shouting their lungs out with excitement and fear.