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Wisdom Path

Oindrila De
Post lunch, walk along the Wisdom Path which has Buddhist prayer verses engraved on wooden stelae, and relish a glimpse of the South China Sea.The Best Things In Life Are Free!The best thing about this itinerary is the cost. You will only pay for the food (HKD 30 - 200 per meal), the cable car rides (~HKD 200) and the airport transfers [HKD 7 (bus) - HKD 200 (taxi) for a return trip], besides the hotel/hostel where you stay for the night (HKD 100 - 1000). There are no entrance fees to the Ngong Ping village, monasteries or the hiking trails. You spend only if you visit Disneyland or shop. (1 HKD = 8 INR)Discover more such interesting destinations on my travel blog - Oindrila Goes Footloose. Do follow me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!
Priya Ray Chaudhuri