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Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is a reservoir situated in the slopes 15 km toward the North of Shillong in the state of Meghalaya, India. It was made by damming the Umiam waterway in the mid 1960s. The chief catchment range of the lake and dam is spread more than 220 square km. The lake was framed as a major aspect of building a Dam. The dam began development in 1965. The dam has the qualification of being the first Hydel force venture in the North-east locale of India. The lake serves as a noteworthy vacation spot for the state of Meghalaya. Aside from putting away water for power era, the lake additionally gives home to various biological species at smaller scale, meso and full scale levels. Downstream watering system, fisheries and drinking water take into account nearby anthropogenic needs. It is likewise a well known destination for water game and adventure trips. Sightseers visit this spot for Scooting, kayaking, water cycling, and drifting.
Adete Dahiya
Cherrapunji to GuwahatiBook an evening flight back from Guwahati so you can spend the day driving back to the city. Start from Cherrapunji in the morning. It takes a little over 4 hours from here to the airport in Guwahati. Make sure you stop for a while at the Umiam lake, the biggest artificial reservoir in the state. Try your hand at fishing here and make sure to pack a picnic for enjoying while you spend time at the shore.
Sandy N Vyjay
Umiam Lake
Lake Umiam, we stayed at the resort on its bank. Last day we decided to take a boat ride on the lake. There are fixed rates for the rides. 
Christopher Jacob
The beautiful lake has water in abundance. We encountered a big downpour, but it was amazing. We enjoyed the rain. After all, it's Meghalaya. There are a few water activities that can be done in Umiam Lake such as boating, speed-boating and jet-skiing. Being a non-swimmer, my gut instinct warned me not to try jet-skiing, so I didn't. Unfortunately, speed-boating and regular boating services had temporarily been suspended due to heavy rain. My friend, though, went on the jet-ski and he loved the experience.
Sounak Ghosh
Day 6: Return to Guwahati. On the way, pay a visit to the Umiam Lake.
Watch the sun go down behind the calm horizon of Umiam Lake.
Shikha Singh
Umium Lake - Shillong, 
Rakesh Ranjan
On a way we stopped at Umium lake , went to Elephant Waterfall , Shillong peak , Ward's Lake and at the end Don Bosco Museum .
We bid adieu to Shillong with a heavy heart and left to Guwahati. On the way you find this beautiful lake called Umiam Lake or Bara Pani. It is huge and the highway skirts its perimeter for quite some time and hence very hard to miss. It is beautiful beyond words. The breeze making your hair fly, the smell of corn roasting in the corner and the view of crystal blue water stretching as far as you can see. Ideal! We just stood there staring at this beauty and reminiscing on what a wonderful trip we have had. I felt truly blessed.!
Sai Charan
We should have planned according to early sunset... because by 6 it was all dark. We decided not to hurry to shillong and camp somewhere on the way. Yes, i carried a Tent along with me. We saw Umiam lake on the way and stopped around to check if we can halt there for the night. It was very calm and there was some construction going little away from lake. We parked beside the lake and reached out to a person cooking for the crowd. With a warm conversation we asked him if he can cook for us too. And yeah, he added more potatoes, rice and made a very delicious dinner for us. We were more than happy for it. Later we discovered it was SUNBURN that's being planned the next day. After roaming around for a while we put our tent on a plain land. We could see few people fishing at that time too. Slowly we dozed off later.It's early in the morning at 4:00 after the sunrise we realised the view from our tent. It was breath taking. The lake was huge with an island in middle. There are boats to go the island. BagWan was the happiest person. All the drowsiness faded away in a second. It was damn cold, but we were awestruck.
Pratima Yadav
They agreed to join and we went to Umiam Lake - Bara Paani. Beautiful! Not exactly in Shillong but on the way to Shillong from Guwahati.From Police Bazaar to Bara Paani - 300/- for private and if sharing 20-40 bucks per head.Boating in the lake - 100/- per head.I thought of spending only two days, so thought of getting a Hotel and with the experience I had with people and 3-4 degree temperature , I kept my backpacking spirit a little low.Hotels near Polica Bazaar are expensive but keep searching and bargaining - you might be lucky to find one at 500-700/- - Single bed.Lesson 2: Do Not tag along with people for long. Accompanying them for commuting and getting some information from locals is fine, but advisable to get back to your solo travelling, even if they are from other states working or studying there.I decided to start Day 2 with Mom's blessings hoping to be better. I knew local places and hiring taxis can be a tedious job for me, specially when I had just two days.I decided to search for sharing sumos going to Cherrapunji, 2 Hours from Shillong or Khasi Hills - 2.5 hours from Shillong.I took local public bus from police bazaar to Bada bazaar which is hardly 700m.
Uphoria Travel
Start the journey with your arrival at the Guwahati station/airport, get greeted and straight away get transferred to Shillong. It takes around 3 hours to reach this gorgeous hill station of Shillong. On the way, drop by the Borapani Lake in the state of Meghalaya, also known as the Umiam lake, it is beautifully surrounded by Sylvan hills. On reaching Shillong, check in at the hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure and later retire for the night.Attractions: Umiam LakeDay 2:
Disha Kapkoti
20 kms out of the city, on the way to the airport, you can stop by Umiam Lake at Barapani. The incredible Umiam Lake is simply a sight not to be missed. For the travellers who spent the last few days taking in the best of music from the city of rock, the magical sight of the Umiam Lake would be the best final memory of this trip.
Neehar Mishra
Located 15 km from Shillong, Lake Umiam, also known as Barapani, is known for its legendary sunset views. It is a popular spot among day-trippers from neighbouring Guwahati and Shillong, with popular activities like boating, water scooter and other water sports. The best way to enjoy the lake, however, is to find yourself a nice spot overlooking the lake and soak in its beauty—crystal-clear waters flanked on every side by lush-green peaks playing peek-a-boo with grey and white clouds swirling about. Without a doubt, this is the best lakeside view I have ever laid my eyes on.
A beautiful lake popularly known as Barapani just 15 minutes before shillong on the way from Guwahati. Breathtaking! They have a few resorts around which are totally worth spending time.
Subhrajyoti Parida
Umium Lake located on the outskirts of Shillong city, is popular for various kinds of water sports..
Mridul Gogoi
Go around this lake, take pictures and share them with friends telling them that you had been to Scotland last month. You will be surprised that they won’t disbelieve you; rather they would ask you all about Scotland. Such is the beauty of the place.
Karandeep Mehra
On the way to Shillong, just 20 odd kilometers short of it, is a place called Barapani. Barapani or Umiam Lake as it is officially called is a destination that one really shouldn’t miss out on, one for the fact that it is right on the way and second because it is really quite beautiful. A large blue lake, dotted with small islands in the middle, framed by pine covered hillocks on its banks, with numerous walks and points from which to admire the calm lake. The place is an idyllic picnic spot, and that’s just what we did there. Being a tourist attraction, there are numerous resorts from where we got a meal packed and then headed out to the bank of the lake, where we sat and enjoyed our meal in the cool breeze.  Though there were options to take a boat ride on the lake, my friends were a bit chary of getting on to a boat post our feast. So we instead headed out into the Nehru Park for a stroll through one of its trails, seeing glimpses of the lake, as it peaked at us here and there between the leaves. Though the best view of the lake was from atop the United Christian College hill.