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Varun Suchday
Amy Copadis
Enjoy the Best of Nature in Rosseau, Dominica
Amy Copadis
Dominica, the beautiful island of the Caribbean located between Martinique and Guadeloupe. This gem of an island is not the average Caribbean affair: instead, it has become the ideal eco-tourism site for those who wish to spend some energy in the mountains and undeveloped nature. When you wander the island, you are literally wandering through dense rainforest terrain, up and down mountains, and through volcanic territory. This fascinating island is home to friendly people, stunning views, and budget adventures. Check out our top reasons for visiting Dominica!1- The Scenery
The source of an active volcano, the Caribbean island of Dominica is innately exquisite and relatively untouched. Its lakes and hot springs will relax you and transport you to a different world altogether. So will the intensely breath-taking views.