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Oia, a small village perched on the northern tip of the island, offers stunning views with contrasting blue and white-washed houses which are situated into the volcanic rock. If you are visiting Greece, do not miss the breathtaking sight with the indigo-blue Aegean Sea surrounding the cube-shaped houses.
Our final stop of the day had to be Oia - the most picturesque part of Santorini and of course famous for its breathtaking sunsets. Walk around its famous bylanes by yourself and just take in the charm before settling yourself at a nice vantage point for the sunset.
Neha Manavi
Santorini is beautiful but I loved Rhodes more...We had taken Cruise from Rhodes to Santorini which was an ultimate experience.I would really suggest you to stay nearby Fira or Oia so everything is close by. Our accomadation was at Adamastos Hotel which was lil far away from the main city.What you should not miss in Santorini?• The enchanting tour of volcanic islands through the traditional boats.• Sunset from Oia.• Don’t forget to click beautiful pictures of the famous blue domes.• Lunch @ Thira.• Walk through the streets of Fira.• Three bells of Fira.The traditional boat tour which I was talking about take you to the active volcano where you can actually see the lava vapors coming out.Just keep in mind to wear good shoes and avoid slippers or flip-flop and as you will have to climb the mountain. After that they take you to hot springs which is in the sea; they just park the boat in the middle of the sea from where you can dive.Traditional boats that take you to volcanic tour.
Yashodhara Khajuria
Day 3After breakfast we left for for a long-day tour (included a lot of walking and hiking). We hopped on the King Thira's (traditional sail boat) rocky boat, which took us to the volcanic islands where we hiked up the volcanic craters. Next stop was Kameni Islands where we braked for a swim in the hot springs.
Yashodhara Khajuria
Athens to SantoriniEarly morning we left for Santorini by a pretty luxurious ferry (Blue Star Ferries). It was a 7 hour-long but a treat to the eye journey. To our luck Poseidon (Sea God) was happy and so were we. After reaching, later in the evening we strolled around the city centre areas, had dinner and called it a day.