Royal palace 1/1 by Tripoto
My Life in Sin
Some girls headed off to the Killing Fields on the Saturday morning of our girlie weekend in Phnom Penh but after looking it up online, I decided I didn't have the stomach for it, it would have been too upsetting for me. So DT and I chose the different option of heading over to the Royal Palace. I am glad we did as it was gorgeous, such opulence combined with a few odd parts too :) So pretty and colourful. Keep on reading to see more..... a lot lot more. We were particularly amused by the various statues making funny faces, which we decided needed us to emulate them and I have a collection of funny photos of DT with the same face as the statues You couldn't get too close to this building. We were highly amused that every time we walked down certain areas we would be shooed away, that is how we figured out where we could and couldn't go. It is a shame as it looked gorgeous and had lovely painted ceilings, we couldn't get to see them.