Thi Ri Pyitsaya 4 Street

The day was finished off with an evening of drinks and food in Nyuang U with the Newcastle couple we'd met at a junction earlier. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars down and just off Thi Ri Pyitsaya 4 Street and is the busiest part of Bagan in the evenings. Everything closes by midnight though so if you're up for a big night out, start early. Ananda and Shwesandaw Pagodas Our second day exploring followed pretty much the same pattern as the first. A leisurely breakfast was followed by exploring more pagodas and hundreds of buddhas on our e-bikes. The only difference was we were rudely awoken at 5am to awful tinny music and singing just outside our hotel. This was to continue from 5am to midnight for the next two days. It was some sort of festival, but we couldn't for the life of us find out what it celebrated. The day was a little more structured than before as I'd marked several pagodas I wanted to see on the map. Due to Andy's flat battery the day before we hadn't seen as many as I'd hoped. I was much happier riding the e-bike this time and we got around much quicker and covered much more ground. It was so much fun and convenient to be able to go where we wanted without relying on a guide or public transport for once. The two pagodas that stuck in our minds most were Ananda and Shwesandaw.