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1 out of 3 attractions in Ornos
Nikita Anand
We had initially decided to get off at Agrari and walk to Elia but my sea sickness got the better of me (do take a sea sickness tablet if you also suffer from this because the ride can be rocky) and we got down at Super Paradise. We were glad we got down here because this beach is gorgeous with crystal clear waters and golden sand.Loved swimming here along with the fishes (there is a school of fish very close to the shore!). One of my best swimming experiences ever (and as you can see above I don't have a single decent picture of the beach since I was too busy having fun!). It was not crowded as well since it was mid-September (and parties start only at night I guess). We did not rent any sun bed as it was quite expensive and so was the massage. For lunch we headed back to Platys Gialos beach on the water taxi. Platys Gialos beach is a pretty one with a great vibe and amazing food options.We had an absolutely fantastic meal at Avli Tou Thodori, relaxed on the sunbeds (free as we had lunch at the restaurant) and swam a bit before heading back to the hotel. The water is clean here as well but not as nice as Super Paradise for swimming.After relaxing a bit, we watched the sunset from the windmills and spent some time in the town.Our final dinner was at Captain's and I must say the best was reserved for the last. They don't take reservations so you will have to wait but it is totally worth it. Lovely ambience, right opposite the waterfront and fantastic food. The gelato place right next to it i.e. Gelarte is the best one in town (try the pineapple and capuccino flavours).The next morning we headed back to Athens on a Fast ferries ship with a bag full of memories.I really felt 2 days were not enough and I could have spent more time at Mykonos- maybe next time! But I am sure we had a pretty great time in those 48 hours!!This blog was originally published on 'My Travel Treasures'