Kapu Beach 1/10 by Tripoto

Kapu Beach

Santosh H
4.Kapu Beach :-Love the ambience of this beach, the lighthouse and the rocks are the highlight. Which means you need to be careful while swimming. Go to this beach truly enjoy this place.
Krutarth Vashi
9. Kapu Beach, Manipal-Mangalore HighwayA beach having a lighthouse always leaves you in an awe. It is the charisma of the lighthouses. For the ship lost at sea, a lighthouse gives it hope. When a person sees a beach with lighthouse, the tranquility of the scene has similar effect on his mind. Kapu beach is no different.
priyanka kakade
We had to take bus to Kapu beach, in between Mangalore and Udupi from Lalbag . There are private luxury buses travels from Lalbag to Udupi frequently and has fare around 200 rs. and distance near 43 km via NH66 . Kapu beach is quite crowdy than beaches in Mangalore and also you can have fun by going inside water and get drenched and lighthouse.The lighthouse is open for visitors between 5PM to 6PM and the panoramic view offered is magnificent. The beach also sports a shack and a bar with seating in the open sky. The best time to visit Kapu beach is either during sunrise or sunset.We got bored there very early and becuase we were very early for entering lighthouse so we moved on to our next destination , Surathkal beach . Distance between Kapu and Surathkal beach is nearly 30 km towards Mangalore and we took another bus from Kapu beach .
Aman Sharma
KAPU/KAUP BEACH is also one of the pristine beaches around Manipal. It has a lighthouse accessible to the public. The view from the top of the lighthouse is very peaceful. Photographers love this beach. The lighthouse, the huge rocks, the sand and the water all in one make a perfect picture. It is approximately a 45 minutes ride from Manipal.
Mohan Bvk
Beautiful beach near the Udupi district, has a lighthouse with amazing view from the top