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June - February
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Dona Paula Beach

20. Dona paula BeachBoasting a beautiful love story of Dona and Paula, this place is a must watch for beautiful evening and sunset.
Vidushi Kara
Dona (Lady) Paula de Menezes, after whom the village of Dona Paula is named, was the daughter of the Portuguese governor of Jafinapatam. Dona Paula was his eldest daughter and was married to a Portuguese’s fidalgo named Dom Antonio de Souto Maior who owned vast tracts of land in Goa. These lands extended all the way from today’s Dona Paula village near the Raj Bhavan to Caranzalem and included chunks of Miramar beach.Uncommon market of Ingo
Dipti Goyal
We took a long walk to the sea shore, collected some corals, did paragliding. At evening we went to Dauna Paula Beach and watched sunset from the highest point of that beach.
We spent the night lazing around on the beach, amidst the serene and quiet environment, soothing our tired minds and souls.