Pang 1/16 by Tripoto
Tanuj Malhotra
Since we were able to reach Sarchu before dawn, we decided to head for Pang. We reached Pang at 2300 hrs. I can say it with utmost conviction that this day was the most tiring day of the whole trip. We had some dinner and slept like a log with a body which seemed almost paralyzed with exhaustion.To be continued...Which is your most adventurous trip?Tell me in the comments section below.For more offbeat travel itineraries, join me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
After a terrible day, we left Sarchu the next morning and reached Pang. Pang is just beautiful, our luck changed from there. Some wonderful weather, lovely people. We Stayed at Lyon guest house in Pang.
A useful stop till Rumptse!!
Smiti Maini
Pang, at an elevation of 15,000 ft., is moon-like. The unique sand structures standing mighty tall looked amazing and we stopped here at a dhaba for tea and food.
Jaswanth Jagadeesh
Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina
After Sarchu the route to Pang is extremely worst with water logs here and there. It is rocky. It covers 77 kms and it takes more time. Never try to travel this route if it gets dark, really dangerous. Tsarap River can be all the way long to Pang. Pang is such a remote area that no Postpaid network (of-course prepaid from other states never work in J&K Zone) works in this zone. There are no STD / ISD booths as well. Phone calls in case emergency has to be made from Army Camp which is few kms away towards Sarchu. Room Rent - 250 / Person (Not a Tent) Dinner - 60 / Person Morning Tea - 20 / Person
Harsh Vardhan
The landscape between Lachulung La and Pang is as dramatic as it gets, the colors varying from white to brown to black to at times even yellow and pink. Those high mountains let in just about the right amount of light creating a play which is simply poetic, specially at that time of the day. The tiny Lachulung river adds to the charm of the place, the desolateness of it all making it look almost post-apocalyptic.