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Uluwatu Temple

Puja Sharma
I must recommend spending an evening at the Uluwatu temple for sunset. Its a surreal exeperience! Uluwatu temple is a good 2 hours drive from Seminyak and a taxi would cost you around 350,000 Rp (both ways). You might consider taking an Uber from Seminyak to save a few bucks but I hear that it might get difficult to get an Uber back from Uluwatu.
Sushmita Shivaram
It was high time that we had started exploring Bali like tourists. Our first stop was Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a magnificent temple perched on top of a sea cliff. It is 27 km from Seminyak and took us about an hour to reach. I didn't regret the travel time, for the journey was magnificent. Ancient sculptures stand huge at the entrance to welcome you to the temple which shouts Balinese architecture and traditionally designed structures. This temple overlooked the Indian ocean, and being there at sunset, was the icing on the cake.
Travel Fanatic
Today was quite a fine day in the Morning. I did not chose to go out due to the Sunny Weather. I had planned to visit the Benoa Beach which was closer to my Hotel and also have some activities been indulged into.. So I had lite food and proceeded ahead to these. A late noon spent in such a scene is some feeling which cannot be put in words, ahead I enjoyed the Uluwatu Kecak Dance which was again something that Balinese Culture Speaks for ! Best part about the Uluwatu is, its located on a cliff and below the cliff is the ocean on the feet of cliff. Its divine and beautiful here ! Then it was somewhere 7 or 8 in the Evening I was free and had my Dinner back in hotel and rest.
Neha Kirpal
The most spectacular sunset and dance-drama at UluwatuLying at the southern tip of Bali, Uluwatu has another beautiful temple called the Pura Uluwatu. The temple is known for its spectacular cliff-top setting on the edge of Bali Island. While here, one can hear the big waves of the Indian Ocean crash into the hill on which Uluwatu is located. The best time to get here is the sunset, as the view at this time is at its zenith! A little walk from the sunset point leads you towards an experience that you can barely forget in a lifetime.
Rajat Chakraborty
Your journey in Bali has not even begun, let alone completed unless you do not connect with one of the oldest cultures of the planet. Bali has deep rooted connections with Hindu Culture for as old as 11th Century. Uluwatu temple gives you the glimpses of the Indian culture with its unique dance form Kec`ak Dance and a breathtaking sunset and sea waves view from the temple.4. Jimbaran Beach - For an Exotic Dinner Night
Ankita JaisWal
Uluwatu Temple – For sunset delights, this is one of the best places to visit in Bali. It is located in Pecatu. Atop the cliff, one can see the sparkling water of the Indian ocean making a spectacular view in the front . Few things need to be taken care of while visiting Uluwatu Temple. Firstly, beware of the monkeys here, they are wild and will snatch whatever comes in their sight. Secondly, you must wear a Sarong before entering the temple. They are available outside in case visitors are not carrying any.
5.30pm to 6.30pm Uluwatu Temple or the sea temple. A favourite among Asian tourist. This temple complex boast of an amazing view of the sea. One can also catch the Kecak or fire dance at the Uluwatu temple.We stopped at the Seminyak Food centre before returning to the hotel. The food centre is similar to a drive in food court with a variety of options at a great price. Here we ordered some Nasi Goreng as a take away.We then decide to get a taste of the Balinese night life.
Travel Trails
Uluwatu Temple ,one of six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars, is renowned for its magnificent location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above mean sea level. This is famous for the sunset backdrop, but what grabbed my attention is the slow motion waves which shows splash of color change from blue to turquoise blue to snowy white. It is difficult to express the beauty of this place in words, you got to experience it. In midst of crowd around, you will have a reflection of time with yourself or your loved ones with the rendezvous of this color transforming beach hitting the cliffs.You need to be careful with your belongings, as our pre ancestral Monkeys seems to have superior hold on the place.
Rajat Chakraborty
Sunsets always intrigue me; they bid a hopeful adieu, each day, giving us the strength to start again the next day.. keep moving ahead and never give up on our dreams...Standing on the splendid Pura Luhur Uluwatu cliffs, the sunsets gently shine over the waves that splash on the shores below. They scintillate the light all around, as if they want to send out the message from the sun, as far as possible- Wait! there is still another day! Stay with your dream! Do not give up yet, for I rise again tomorrow! You will have your day!!
Neena Jhanjee
Get ready to get blown away by Bali’s vibrant temple culture. After all, it is the ‘Land of a Thousand Temples’. After a relaxed morning, this afternoon, we visit one of the most other-worldly temples on the island. The Uluwatu Temple sits on top of a dramatically steep cliff and overlooks the Indian Ocean. Also known as the ‘Luhur Ulutawa’ or ‘something of divine origin’, the atmospheric temple is listed among the six most important ones in Bali.Next, we will catch a live performance of ‘Kecak’, a popular Balinese dance-drama depicting a battle from the Ramayana. The flamboyant dance is a lavish audio-visual spectacle with striking costumes and theatrical Gamelan music. We celebrate the last night of our Bali odyssey with a seafood dinner at a beautiful beachside restaurant. (B, L, D)DAY 7: SELAMAT JALAN OR ‘PEACE ON YOUR WAY’This morning, say your goodbyes to all our new chums. Those who wish to head into town for some shopping may do so. Transfers to the airport will be available after checkout. Until the next time, of course! (B) Inclusions Accommodation for six nights at a luxury hotel in Bali Daily breakfast Return Airport transfers Most meals included (local and authentic) ‘Wild day’ at Bali Safari & Marine Park 2-hour Aquatonic Thalasso Spa treatment at one of the top spas in the world (mums only) Individual private meetings with Ketut Liyer A private guided trip to Kintamani volcano and hot springs (mums only) 2-hour Balinese spa treatment (mums only) Day pass to Waterbom Park Exotic farewell dinner The services of a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle for all transfers Personally escorted throughout by Neena Jhanjee Services of English speaking guide throughout All government taxes and surcharges on accommodation Exclusions Tips and gratuities to Local Guides, and Driver. All International Flights + Taxes. Passport and Visas; security and additional government taxes not covered already. Travel & Personal accident insurance. Personal expenses such as telephone calls, minibar etc.. Meals not specifically mentioned in the itinerary; beverages unless specifically described. Optional excursions or activities that may be offered but are not included in the tour price.
Neesha Shaik
UluwatuThis is a must visit in Bali. A beautiful spot with many temples surrounded with water from three sides. It is a temple built on a cliff. The sound of the sea and the view from the cliff is breath taking. Beware of the monkeys as you will get to see a lot of them. It is said that the monkeys are protectors of the temple. They wont hurt you but for your safety, do not carry any eatables.
Nik Rielo
Uluwatu Temple is Bali’s most must see temple during sunset. The sunset in Uluwatu Temple is one of the best sunsets I have ever seen in my life.
Ujjawal Sharma
Finish the water sport activities and move on to see the most beautiful beach of Bali ...The Blue Point beach . Midway you will see other sightseeing places like Uluwatu , Garuna Vishnu Kanchka Temple etc. I skipped these because temples are everywhere :P 3) District Club - Strict Warning ** - Do not go here with your wife /gf :P else you will not return alive . District is a high end club in Bali which offers you all sorts of fun and excitement and booze and almost everything , go there and explore. 4) Tanah Lot, Bedugul Lake etc - Since I was sleeping for almost half of the day.
3. Uluwatu Temple or Sea TempleMost scenic sunset ever? We think so. Lofted a few metres above sea level, this temple by the sea can mend broken hearts. You have to see it to believe it! Distance from Seminyak: 27km"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."Tips: Best way to travel in and around Bali is by renting bikes. Take fewer taxis as they end up being a more costlier option. Some of the most authentic Indonesian food is found in the small restaurants by the side of the road. Yes, even if you're vegetarian. Being a tourist destination, it goes without saying, travel with utmost care and caution. There are pickpockets and monkeys too! Keep small change with you at all times, it comes in handy for tipping and shopping.
Mohana Talapatra
But my favorite temple was Ulu Watu. By far. The most dramatic and the most atmospheric. The inner sanctum is right on top of the cliff, but a lot of the crowds come here by evening just to witness the spectacular sunset! As should you. And oh, let's not forget the "Eat" of it all. Do stop by for the best Rendang curry at this little nondescript restaurant called "Cikgo" on the way to (or back from) Ulu Watu, towards Seminyak. You will be surprised at the magic of the food here!And if you are so inclined at all, do stay to watch the Balinese re-telling of the Ramayana and the conquest of good over evil, just to lend your own personal journey a cosmic happy ending, after all. There was the word "Pray" somewhere in there, wasn't it?On my last day in Bali, on the way to the airport, at a city temple, I suddenly came upon the resounding chimes of a dozen Gamelans playing to the most melodious composition ever. I asked the taxi to stop, ran up to the temple, and to my sheer joy and amazement, found a dozen children under the age of 15, all learning to play the Gamelan with their awkward little hands but making the most mesmerizing music I ever heard. (The Gamelan is Bali's most traditional and most beautiful musical instrument, predominantly strings and percussion all together in one). If I weren't already, that's the moment I fell truly in love with Bali and knew I'd be back - not once or twice, but over and over again.Let there be Love, we say. Let there be Bali.A very luxurious villa. For 3 nights, I paid about 400 Euros. The villa also arranged a driver with a car upon request and was served by a very polite, hospitable and gentle butler at all times, even though meals were my responsibility.Ulu Watu by sunset is spectacular, as is the Kecak dance of the Ramayana
Bali has housed a few temples at scenic locations. One of them is none other than the uluwatu temple which are perched on a cliff overlooking the infinite blue and sparkling clear indian ocean and surrounded by towering cliffs that makes it totally insta-worthy. Another that it's worth checking out will be Tanah Lot, but due to time constraint, we gave that a miss.
Rajvi Bhow
More popular for its swish restaurants, nightlife and shopping.Tanah Lot for the sunset. Uluwatu Temple. Seminyak square for shopping. Prana spa - Check out the Moroccan themed decor. Has also won some awards. 
Ruchika Makhija
Often visitors rave about a small temple by the ocean, here they are talking about the Uluwatu Temple, located on top of a cliff. With waves crashing below this will certainly not cease to impress. A word of caution is to be careful of the monkeys hovering around the temple.
Samyak Mishra
Ok, coming back to our trip, our first day was fun-filled. With a GPS-enabled phone, and a Honda scooter being our companion, we made our way to Uluwatu temple. This temple is situated on top of a cliff providing a spectacular view of the sea beneath and the setting sun. Yes, if you’re going to Bali, the sunset view is a must to do at Uluwatu temple. The sunset point was very picturesque, but is infested with monkeys, who are kind enough to snatch anything and everything that the find attractive on you :P . En-route, we had our lunch of a plate of TUNA, and side items to go with it at Jimbaran Bay. They served ‘the best food’ that we had in Bali throughout our trip. We also made a short detour to ‘Padang Padang’. This is a secluded beach area, favorite for surfers and bathers alike. The additional beauty of this beach is the pathway through a cave. A sense of thrill runs in the blood while crossing the cave and then catching a view of the beach.
Solo Traveler Nafeesa
 Later spent sometime at dreamland beach in noon as it is on way to Uluwatu temple, which I went to later that evening. On way back had dinner at Jimbaran beach. Which by the way has freshest sea food. Try planning for Uluwatu & Tanah lot in evening on different days.
Umang Jain
Suhani Sharma
Gateway to one of the most fabulous views in South of Bali, miles and miles of Java sea at a stretch
Shine P
Paula and Gordon
This is a most spectacular temple on the island of Bali. The inner sanctum of the pura is right on the top of a steep cliff that towers above the legendary surf breaks of southern Bali. You do not need to pay the pittance, but can watch the spectacular sunsets from nearby. This is a serene and romantic place to be, and you and the monkeys will enjoy the sun as it sets. Bali is a strange combination of both party zone, and Zen serenity. Enjoy!
Ian Reide
In the evening, around sunset, there are fire dancers (people dancing with flaming, wooden sticks), and other entertainment there, but, it is still a temple. You are not allowed, as a tourist, into the inner parts of the main Temple, though you can see most of the inner complex from outside. There are, of course, a line of small restaurants outside the Temple. All in all, fun, but a tad micro-managed, don’t expect to see anything that a million others have not seen.One thing, monkeys! The Temple is home to a lot of monkeys. They are not dangerous, but they will try and steal your stuff. Anything they can grab. If this happens, ask one of the Temple guards in the vicinity to get your stuff back—a 50,000 rupiah tip. If you have had experience with monkeys before, you will know the score.