Angkor Wat 1/3 by Tripoto

Angkor Wat

Melo Villareal
You must have heard or have seen the Angkor Wat temple right? If not I’ll let you know some stuff about it. Seam Reap is a popular destination to visit where you can find the ruins of the Angkor Watt temple, which was once a Hindu Temple turned Buddhist over Cambodia’s changing pasts. The temple was built somewhere around 1125 and still stands today attracting visitors from all corners of the globe with it’s marvellous architecture. The five towers symbolizes the centre of the universe, surrounded by walls and a moat that was once full of crocodiles. The best time to see this spectacular temple is during the late afternoon at sunset where a large statue of the Hindu God illuminates over the entrance to the temple. Another amazing natural and picturesque architecture is a giant tree with enormous roots surrounding the ancient temple. Almost all visitors stop in Sean Reap to stay, so if you are planning on visiting you won’t be short of any accommodations, do book early though as they can get full!