Don’t miss this! Especially if you haven’t visited any other mangrove forest. This place was quite secluded compared to other tourist places and I was shocked. This place is beautiful in more than one ways and it deserves every bit of your attention!Located at a two hour drive from Pondicherry, this forest spreads across 1100 acres and is the second largest in the world. Maintained largely by the forest officials, it runs speed boats and paddle boats. I will strongly recommend you to opt for the speed boats even if the coasts may go a bit on the higher side because that takes you through some hidden tunnels which will leave you flabbergasted. There are almost 400 tunnels through which the boats can be taken and this is a major hub for research on mangrove.4. Take a boat ride to reach the sea at Paradise beach
Jithendra Swaroop
Prachi Jain
After 5 hours of journey from Chennai we had finally reached Pichavaram Mangrove Forest. After reaching, it was time to buy tickets for our boat ride. Their are two options available - The Motor Boat or Row Boat with ride duration from 5 minutes to half an hour and from 2 seater to 10 seater. We bought our tickets for Row Boat.P.S.: You can increase the duration by paying directly to the boat rider and he will take you for some extra ride to the canals and have an experience to cherish.
Jithendra Swaroop
Pondicherry--> pitchavaram: 70kms.
Onkar Tendulkar
World's second biggest mangrove forest.
HighlightsAttractions: Mangrove forests boat rideSeason: November to February for bird watching, September to April for normal visits.Working hours: 8am to 5pmWeather: 21°C – 30°C so mostly sunnyDetails:If pristine beaches, eloquent French cuisine and silent churches are too mainstream, Pichavaram is what gives you a feeling of “cherry on the cake”.
Gunjan Upreti
2. Go boating under the dark umbrella of trees and discover the amazing Pichavaram Mangrove Forest.
Sreeharsha Poluru
One of the most exciting and awesome boat ride ever. A natural tunnel, branches caving from both the sides and the boat journey through the natural cave, this makes this boat journey memorable.