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Old Mumbai - Pune Highway

Lafanga Parinda
Our first stop was at a Toll Plaza on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, when one of the rider had a flat tyre & needed to fix it. After a 15-20 minutes break, we headed towards Lonavala, where we had breakfast at Vitthal Kamath Restaurant. After having our breakfast, Abhishek-The Ride Leader & Organizer, briefed the riders to ride safe & not to overtake other riders as the route involved high risk. After being briefed , we continued our journey & soon we switched from a National Highway to a rough terrain & a boost of excitement went through the rider's veins.The first sight of the road was petrifying, it was only rocks and gravel, not a very satisfying sight as concerned with the thought of riding our beloved bikes on it, also the people covering the trek on foot had wooden sticks for support which proved that the route was not at all easy to cover.