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Day 1:-We had the luxury of getting freshened up at our MNC branch(which shall not be named) at Pune, after which we started our bike journey(We had hired our not so good bikes from RoyalBrothers,Pune at a fair price) to city of Lavasa.-After covering approximately 60km with minor pit stops for the local cuisine i.e.VadaPav,we had reached our destination at approximately 1600 hours(Pune to Lavasa-3 hours).
Gunjan Deshmukh
Four of us, Amit, Swapnil, Venkatesh and me started our journey on a cold winter morning. We started around 8 AM by Amit's car. The Pune-Nashik highway is not ready yet, we met lot of traffic on the road, even though we started early. It will be annoying to see such traffic who are used to drive on Mumbai or Bangalore highways.Interestingly, we had crossed six rivers on the way to reach this fort, namely, Pawana, Indrayani, Bhama, Bhima, Ghod and Meena. The Google maps location is wrong and we spent some 10 minutes locating this fort. After searching again, we found the correct location. Below is the route to this fort.
Gunjan Deshmukh
Date: 30-Dec-2017We visited this fort on new year's eve. I and Swapnil started from Wakad at 11 AM and followed the route as suggested by Google Maps. On the way, we visited Mahad, one of the eight famous God Ganesh temples (Ashtavinayak). We reached the base village Thakurvadi by 2:30 PM.
It was almost 10 pm. My childhood friend, seating beside me, was busy with her 'travelling to Goa' post. I shifted my attention to the road again. Even the known roads of Pune were looking different from that angle. I still couldn't believe we were indeed, travelling to Goa. Like every other group we had done Goa trip planning several times which never happened. So, this time I was not actually sure. But it happened this time. All because of my four-crazy flat mates. Everyone warned us against it. They told, Goa would not be a safe place for five girls, travelling 'alone'. We knew Goa is not a safe haven but didn't care enough.I was happy, but nervous too, was wondering whether I had packed all the necessary things or not, but realized it was meaningless. I stopped worrying and started enjoying with my friends. The bus stopped beside a road side dhaba. We already had our dinner but still came down to get some fresh air. The bus started again soon, we were hungry, so ate the packed snacks which we had with us. The Neeta Volvo AC sleeper was not that good. There was not sufficient place for two to sleep. So, my advice is that, try to avoid Neeta Volvo.
Gunjan Deshmukh
We started at around 10-30 in the morning from Wakad, Pune and took below route. The road is motor-able and lot better compared to Paud-Jawan route.