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Ponce-Cabo Rajo

Kanika Kalia
Located in southwest part of Puerto Rico, Ponce is second largest city and the so-called “pearl of the South.”Head southwest on 52 for Ponce and you’ll notice a drastic change in landscape—from moist and lush to dry and cactus-marked arid mountains. But I guess that is the beauty of this area. You can take a trolley tour to visit all major landmarks of Ponce or visit some coffee plantations. Puerto Rico is famous for its coffee. An hour further in southwest, there lies this beautiful town Cabo-Rajo which is famous for its dry forests. You will be surprised to know that Cabo-Rajo is always on alert for wild-fires, something you do not expect from a tropical place. If you manage to get to the lighthouse , the views from the top are beautiful. Take a peek over the edges of the cliffs. I assure you,it will be amazing