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Flamenco Beach

Aswin Ramakrishnan
This was the best place in Puerto Rico as far as I'm concerned! It was one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to. Culebra Island is almost an hour from the San Juan Island. A lot of people book flight tickets (which are pretty expensive) and book condos in the island. If you ask me, this could easily be done in 1 day and very economically. There is a ferry that leaves from Fajardo (an hour from Le Consulat). If you can get there early (as early as 5:00 am), you can catch the first ferry that leaves to Culebra and have enough time to soak up the sun in the beach. If you plan to stay, there are some low cost alternatives too. We found some camp sites right next to the beach, which I bet would be inexpensive compared to some of the accommodations we found online. Water, sun, pina collada - this place couldn't get better! Oh, there are some great scuba diving tours in this place too.