Le Consulat Hotel

Aswin Ramakrishnan
This is a great place to stay! It's just a few blocks from the beach and from other great restaurants and the downtown area where major events take place. A great alternative to stay, if you find Marriott, Sheraton etc. to be expensive. Tip: If you're staying anywhere in a place where you can't speak their language fluently. Try to be extra careful with your baggage (Passport, laptop, camera etc). The moment my wife and I reached Le Consulat, I realized that I missed my laptop bag (which had my laptop, passport, camera and pretty much every important thing) in the taxi. The receptionist assured us it would go missing and there is NO WAY we could find that taxi. We had a stroke of luck where we caught another cab and went straight to the airport. Found our first taxi driver there and retrieved the bag (People told us, he wouldn't have known there was a bag in the cab. If he did, he probably would have taken it). So, anyways - wherever you go, make sure you've got everything!