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Koregaon Park

To the south of the Mula-Mutha River in Pune lies a place called KP or Koregaon Park. This place is a city in Maharashtra and is quite a prestigious landmark in Pune. The place used to serve as a residential area but has now grown into a commercial market. A walk through the city allows one to view some magnificent bungalows and sprawling parks. The city is home to famous places like the Osho Ashram, Chabad House, Bund Garden and the German Bakery.People from all over the country pay a visit to this place that was rocked by a bomb blast on 13 February 2010. A number of high-end places like Starbucks and the O Hotel Group.
Neekita Singh
This was one of our best nights in Pune and it was better than any pub or bar we had been to. This statement relies on many factors. One there was a dog, second, there was free booze and food. I am a person who has some sort of dog phobia, but after around 8 beers of the day, I was in such a mood that I talked to this Army Major about pretty much everything and the first time in my life I had the guts to touch a dog. The night ended in two of my friends passing out and throwing up but it was pretty amazing. We danced all night and listened to crazy stories from the Army major. It was one hell of a task to get these two drunk friends of ours back to the hotel, and we left our car there and took a cab. The cab driver was pretty stoked as soon as he realised two of us are very drunk. One of the drunk friend sat in the front seat with the driver and he talked shit while the cab driver was so awkward that he thought of staying quiet, while we laughed our asses off in the back.Next day was our final one, and pretty much everybody had a hangover! We checked out of our oyo rooms and left for lunch at German Bakery SB road. The place never gets dull. I've been there before too and it's like a go-to place for me. After lunch we debated if we should visit Lonavala, and I won! We left for Lonavala asap and were back on the road. We reached Lonavala in 1.5 hours from Pune. Monsoon was a bonus to our trip. As soon as we entered Lonavala there was a constant smile on my face, I have never travelled much. Most of it was with family as a kid, so this was a big deal for me. Lonavala is a cute little hill station with pretty resorts and houses and it was just the perfect weather that day. We were lost for a bit and took the long road, but the journey to the top was something in itself. Soon we reached to the Lion's Point, our destination.
Ragini Mehra
10:00 p.m.: If you’re feeling up for it, try out any of the eateries situated at walking distance from Effingut Brewerkz. You can pick from Harry’s Bar & Kitchen, Murphies, Malaka Spice or The Bar Stock Exchange.Day 2: We rented a cab for the day as it was going to be a long one for us.
Tanishka Goel
Where is itThe factory and the farm are located in one of the most popular areas of Pune, Koregaon Park.Why should you visit
Shriranjani Rao
Explore Koregaon Park –KP as its known has a few reputed addresses to its credit- the German Bakery, Osho Ashram, and my personal favourite Malaka Spice. You will spot people from different nationalities rub shoulders here. KP has some of the finest experimental restaurants, pubs in the city. A good time to visit would be in the evening. And yes, don’t forget to pick a pair of the famous ‘Osho chappals’.Go for a ‘Hurda Party’/ ‘harvest @ the farm’- If you are lucky, get invited to a ‘Hurda party’ at a friend’s farm in November/December. And that’s not tough, considering most people still own huge acres of farms in their villages. Before harvesting of grains like jowar, wheat, bajra, bonfires are lit and ‘Hurda’ is prepared with chutneys/curd/jaggery. The hosts will usually accompany it with some bhakris and ‘bharli vangi’. The time is meant for bonding with friends and family.Indulge in the vibrant food scene– One of the most vibrant street food cities, you can find everything from ‘Bhel’, ‘Vada pav’, ‘Piyush’, ‘Kanda Bhaji’, ‘Pohe’ to the cosmo ‘Kacchi Dabeli’, ‘Dhoklas’, ‘Sandwiches’, ‘Chaats’, ‘Davanagere Dosas’ and ‘Pizzas’ here. For the more authentic Maharashtrian breakfast/ snack, visit Janaseva at Lakshmi Road, Shreyas/Durvankur/Rasoi/Asha Dining Hall for vegetarian ‘thalis’. Pune is a delight for Malvani food lovers too with dime a dozen restaurants in Sadashiv Peth.This post is an ode to Pune, and dedicated to all my ‘Zabari’ friends from/in Pune. I am glad our paths crossed in this wonderful city. Much love always!This trip was first published on https://thetunictraveller.wordpress.com/.
Prateek Dham
8. The first date with your beloved has to happen at Koregaon Park.