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This is the oldest settlement or structure built in the Ranthambhore region of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. This fort is a part of the Sawai Madhopur District. It was built in the 8th Century by a Chauhan Rajput and then conquered by Ala-ud-din-Khalji after a number of attacks which went into vain. After this Sultan, the fort changed hands one after the other and the end was conquered by Emperor Akbar. At this time Maharaja Madho Singh requested for the ownership of this fort but was not granted so he named the area as the Sawai Madhopur District. Later Emperor Akbar gave this fort away to the King of Jaipur. A few years later, when the Marathas rose to power, the fort was taken over by them. It is very close to the Ranthambhore National Park and is also a part of the same campus.
Richa Gupta
Very easy trek to Ganesha temple on top. Good views of Padam talao and the next-door Tiger reserve. Take binoculars, and you can spend a good 3-4 hours here.
Rudraksha Chodankar
As soon as we crossed the gates, the driver quickly helped us to spot a crocodile relaxing next to a stream. Going further we saw lot of Indian Peafowls, Spotted Deers and Sambar Deers. The driver also helped us to spot few pug marks along the muddy road. We made a stop at another spot where we saw more Indian Peafowl, but I quickly noticed a crow sized bird with a mix of black, light brown and white colours; the Rufous Treepie. Going a bit further, we saw a flock of the beautiful Plum headed Parakeets..! I would suggest to keep sometime (at-least 3 hours) to have a good exploration of the fort.
Tejas Gutka
Stopping briefly on the way back to climb the Ranthambore fort to seek blessings of the three-headed Lord Ganesha atop a small hill.
Trek to the Ranthambore Fort for panoramic views of the forests below.