#Night at Lake sideAfter taking some rest in our hotel. we checked into this restaurant as we are looking for Upre, very famous place in Udaipur but all seat were booked, so I called this one and made a reservation.The place is real classic and the interior is awesome with candle night tables outside. they didn't serve hard drinks but they serve some classic wines with live traditional somewhat Sufi music on tabla. A good place to spent a peaceful or romantic evening.After that, we went to Fateh Sagar lake again. which was just walking distance from this restaurant but good to take an auto or something. the streets were crowded lots of family and friends groups were hanging around taking a taste of street food.I must say Fateh sagar lake has its own charm not only in morning but in the night as well. you can not miss sweet corn, maggie and coffee in a chilly winter night, we enjoyed here with a perfect view of the lake and yummy street food.