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Rajsamand Lake

Sreshti Verma
Built by diverting water from the Gomti River, the Rajsamand Lake is a man-made waterbody which stretches up to 7km. Pack a lunch and have a picnic by the lake on a day trip from the Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp.
Himadri Pal
1. Rajsamand Lake:Rajsamand is a really tiny town and yet boasts of this beautiful picturesque artificial lake built by a good old king back in the 17th century. Not crowded at all (weekends might be an exception), the lake has marble parapets throughout its boundary and they surely are a sight to behold! You can spend hours here...you can sleep here with the cold breeze slowly ruffling your hair. I know it's all sounding very dreamy but this is what I had encountered. So standing at one of the parapets, you see a huge expanse of water with lush green hills at the back. I was lucky as it was a cloudy day, near the onset of rains but I am pretty sure it would be the same throughout the rainy and winter season. I hope the pictures do justice to my description. :)