Randha Fall 1/4 by Tripoto

Randha Fall

These picturesque falls of Randha and Umbrella are in the Bhandardara region of Maharashtra and are most active during the rainy season. This is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers
Tanvi S
We then left for Randha falls as it was already 4pm and it was quite a drive from the dam. The roads were washed out and drive was bumpy. When we were halfway, we came across another dam or something like which had water level risen up to roads. We couldn't figure it out since it was heavily raining with strong breeze. We didn't find out what it was, so we continued our journey to Randha falls. 7 KM's ride took good travel time. Sometimes it would rain heavily or sometime just drizzle . But this Randha falls were spectacular. Wow. The tourism government has build a machan around the falls to view falls from every different angles. You can also swim in the waist long manmade pond near the falls.We spent lot of time there and then left for Mumbai from another route which was a lot better.
The last place we visited before returning to the hotel was Randha Falls, which is one of the major attractions of the region. With a height of approximately 170 feet, the Pravara River descending into the gorge was definitely a sight to behold. The part I loved the most about this attraction was listening to the falls - it just felt rejuvenating. Sayali mentioned that the last time she visited the falls the viewing area was being constructed. We proceeded to the nearest restaurant as the twilight faded into an evening lit by a crescent moon, and treated ourselves to hot tea and snacks.
Nidhi Rani
Beautiful scenary, natural waterfall and the merger of Pravara river with a seasonal river.