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Mahaganpati Mandir

This temple is the most popular and is a part of the Ashtavinayaka Pilgrimage circuit. This temple is located in Ranjangaon in Shirur Taluka of Maharashtra. The beautiful idol of mahaganapati here has 10 trunks and 20 arms and it is not known whether this kind of idol actually exists or not. This temple was built by Madhavrao Peshwa and is also the main attraction of Ranjangaon. It is said that there was a once a devil known as Tripurasura who got a boon from Lord Ganesha that noone except Lord Shiva will be able to destroy him. The demon became very arrogant and started torturing all gods and goddesses. He also took over the heaven and Lord Indra's kingdom and later tricked Lord Shiva and also captured Kailash. After that he started worshipping himself as he believed himself to be the ultimate power of the world. After the gods and godesses were unsuccessful in defeating him, they went to Narad who taught them the 8 stotras of Lord Ganesha and told them to recite them to become powerful. Even Lord Shiva chanted the stotras and this is how they could defeat the demon. The Mahaganapati is a symbol of great strength and power.
Vishal Londhe
Mahaganpati temple has a very good stay facility at Bhakta Niwas