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Rara Lake

7. Rara
Pritha Puri
4. Rara Lake TrekEnamour yourself with the beauty of the Rara Lake, which is the largest lake in Nepal. The lake is in close proximity to the airstrip, yet does not experience an overflow of tourists. Unlike other treks where you will come across other groups of trekkers, Rara Lake is unexplored and virgin in its beauty. You will be surrounded by untouched wonders of nature, with an ever increasing variety of flora and fauna. The crystal clear blue water of the lake will be magical in its beauty leaving you awestruck.
Sabin Dahal
Rara Lake is the biggest lake situated within the borders of Nepal, which lies at an altitude of 2,990 m above sea level and covers an area of 10.8 square kilometers. The lake is surrounded by Rara National Park on all sides, the park was established in 1976 to preserve the beauty of the lake and protect the unique floral and faunal importance of the rare and vulnerable species found around the lake. The trek to Rara has been a popular destination for many trekkers, with a very rough route in the western part of Nepal. The trek begins with a flight to Jumla, and a mountainous trek follows after that, where one would pass many villages untouched by all the hassle in the world and finally reaching the banks of the Rara Lake which was aesthetically described by GORP founder Bill Greer as, ‘’a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks.’’