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Tungnath Temple

Nestled amongst the snow-capped peaks of Uttarakhand, Tungnath is known for being the world’s highest Shiva temple, located at an elevation of 12,074 ft. The trek to this temple is a bit difficult and requires a lot of strength. Once you reach the temple, you'll witness an amazing view of the Akash Ganga Waterfall. Trekking to Tungnath from Chopta, to Chandrashilla peak reveals astonishing sights of crooning brooks and scenic rhododendrons, and the Tungnath mountains outline two beautiful river valleys: the Alaknanda and the Mandakini. The well-preserved Tungnath is a heaven with beautiful meadows and colourful flora. From a thrilling trek to breathtaking views, from exploring vibrant backdrops to reaching the highest peak, the gifts of this gorgeous panorama will mesmerise your senses.
Shantanu Srivastava
TungnathTungnath is the highest Shiva temple in the world and is the highest of the five Panch Kedar temples located in the mountain range of Tunganath. It is situated at a height of 3,680 m. The mythological background of Tungnath Temple is associated with the epic Mahabharata. Vyas Rishi told the Pandavas that they were guilty of killing their own brothers in the war and their sins would be expiated only if Lord Shiva pardoned them. Pandavas began to search Lord Shiva in the Himalayas and Lord Shiva kept avoiding them because they were guilty.In order to escape from the Pandavas, Lord Shiva disguised himself as a bull and took refuge underground. The places where the parts of the bull were found are now renowned Shiva temples. Tungnath Temple is the place where his hands (bahu) were supposedly seen.
Albana Nadeem
Our day started with chai and maggie, today we have to trek till Tungnath, a very moderate trek with beautiful sceneary. It took around 2 to 3 hours to reach Tungnath Temple becuase we took every single scenery in between the trek.
Sreshti Verma
How to Reach: A 4 km trek from the road to Chopta. Taxi can be taken from Dehradun to reach the road. You can even do a 5 day trek from Deoriatal to Chandrashila peak and meet the temple en route.Mythology: One of the panch kedar and most famous temples in India, Tungnath is set to be built by the pandavas when they found Shiva's bull form (which he took to escape from desperate Pandavas chasing him to redeem themselves of the sin of murdering their cousins) re-materialized in five locations across Himalayas. The hands were found here near the Chandrashila peak.
Nabanita Roy
We started our trek from Chopta. Chopta- Tunganath: 3.2 kms The road started through a forest, although the road is well-defined with large stones. Suddenly the road took bend and the sunrays enlightened the vast meadow with small yellow flowers decorating the entire view. The route is completely uphill till the end guided by rhododendron trees on the sides. As we moved up, we found patches of snow hither'n'thither. The mountains were in sight but it was cloudy. We could only see them peeking them through little gaps in them. We reached Tunganath in 2.5 hours. It was windy up there and chilly too;fogs covered the entire village now and then. There are about 5 to 6 hotels. We stayed at the temple's guest house. We chatted with the temple members and the cook, too. The conversation lasted for around an hour. In the evening, the priest at the temple performed the "sandhya-arati". This place does not have electricity and feeble network connectivity. Grab this opportunity and converse with the locals, trust me, you will know what true modesty is.
Ayandrali Dutta
A world totally away from this earth, Tungnath offers some of the most enchanting views. Situated in the Rudraprayag district, it’s just below the peak of Chandrashila Summit (the trekking summit of the Chandranath Parbat). Tunganath means Lord of the peaks, mountains form the Mandakini and Alaknanda river valleys.
Fatema Diwan
Tungnath valley is home to the famous Tungnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the highest temple of the world, located at the altitude of 3680 m, just below the Himalayan peak called Chandrashila. The temple is around a 1000 year old. Tungnath valley is what divides the Mandakini river from the Alaknanda river. Covered with rich alpine meadows and lined with the mighty Himalayas at the border, Tungnath is a fresh getaway from Syalsaur.