Half Moon Bay

Sandeep Jethwa
At the southeastern end of Antigua, tranquil Half Moon Bay is fringed by one of Antigua’s best beaches. Protected by a reef, this idyllic crescent of fine white sand and azure sea, backed by natural foliage, offers excellent snorkeling on calm days. When the wind is up, the surf can be rough and tough. A small cafe serves snacks just off the beach.Crab point is next to Half Hide Bay and is located in Saint Mary found a lovely restaurant on the beach and had some tasty traditional food.We hired a jeep to explore the island one word of warning there are not a lot of streetlamps at night!!We returned to the freezing weather of the UK on Christmas day just in time for the annual family Christmas meal and I would definitely return to Antigua if i can get the opportunity.This post was originally published on Sandeep Jethwa's Blog.