Wright's Civic Center 1/1 by Tripoto

Wright's Civic Center

Kirsten Alana
One of my favorite films, is Gattaca. From the sleek world in which it is set to the story that it ultimately tells, it is a movie that resonates with me no matter how many times I watch it. During my recent travels through Northern California, I had the immense pleasure of walking into the world I so much admire in Gattaca; figuratively of course. Gattaca was partially filmed at the landmark Marin County Civic Center designed by my favorite architect: Frank Lloyd Wright. I’ll say nothing of the man he was since some would argue he wasn’t to be admired for his character. In my opinion, the buildings and homes that he designed in his lifetime are truly works of art. Wright’s Civic Center (his last commission) is perhaps in a category all its own, even for him. It is vast, unusual, and when it was built – probably groundbreaking. From the slope of its bright blue roof to the round balls that punctuate the design at regular intervals to the perfect atrium space that anchors the building, it is a serene yet truly unusual space. Being inside the Civic Center is sort of like being in limbo. Now it’s neither the past nor the present. It represents a past view of the future that people once held. But it also represents the future that we can’t entirely foresee. It’s sleek and beautiful but timeless. Even its art deco bent seems fresh in 2010. After all, sleek and beautiful have always had their place in society. They are elements which never really go out of style. It’s why to me, the Civic Center was so perfect for 1962 (the year it was completed) and yet is still so perfect today.