Port Klang Komuter station

Tara Anne Nikezic
Pulau Ketam can be visited comfortably as a day or half day trip from Kuala Lumpur with easily taking an hour KTM train ride from Kuala Sentrale to the Port Klang pier station for 5.60 Malaysian Ringgit ($1.40 USD) each way, and then the half hour ferry to the island which departs every half hour to hour. We reached Pulau Ketam coming from visiting the Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror in 2.5 hours covering 49km by public bus #100, a transfer to Causeway Link bus P701 at the Klang Bus Terminal (1 Malaysian Ringgit, $0.25 USD), and then a 10 minute walk to the pier from the port station. Taking the 3:30PM ferry, gave us 2 hours to explore on bicycle and grab a quick bite before hopping the last departing return ferry at 5:30PM. Two hours at Pulau Ketam was sufficient to quickly cycle around the village, however 3-4 hours would have been more satisfying and it would have been more comfortable to maneuver around without a concern to monitor time carefully as to not miss the last outgoing ferry.