Sunway Lagoon Bandar Sunway Subang Jaya Selangor Malaysia

Kaushik Padmanaban
You know how it feels to be in an amusement park. Its awesome. We were running late and entered at 11 a.m. We thought it is going to take hell a lot of time for each ride. My mate and I decided to rush to each rides. I recommend that you get a premium pass. We didn't, and we waited at least 15-30 minutes for every main ride. Out of all, my favourites were Vuvuzela, Monsoon 360 and Pirate's revenge. Of the whole team, my friend and i rode most of the attractions, a whopping 10 of 'em. It is pretty high if you went in at 11 and walked out at 4. Some fellows wanted to shop and shortened the time for the park. So, we had to walk out at 4. It sucks.The malls in Malaysia are good, but i didn't see any legit stuff there.