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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

AtharVa LeLe
Day 3 (24th Dec) : Sunway Lagoon is a theme park with over 80 attractions spread across 88 acres (Again too many 8's to digest). Tickets would cost you about RM190 (Rs3800) for Adult and RM160 (Rs3200) for Child. Sunway Lagoon has a dry park and a wet park. Dry park is basically a wildlife park containing over 150 species of animals. Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Right here at Sunway Lagoon's dry park. I would recommend going to dry park first and then continue to wet park.Also don't spend too much time at dry park else you won't get enough time to complete wet park(Personal mistake).Lockers are available near Subway. Don't miss the "Tale of Mount Berapi" show at 4pm-4:15pm near the main wave pool and immediately after the show ends they start the waves. NOTE: Never underestimate those waves they'll launch you back to the entrance.